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Aaron Johnson Good GAWD! He wasn
Carmel Pecan Cream Cheese Dip for Apples  1 pkg. softened cream cheese, 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla flavoring, 1/4 cup toasted pecans.  Mix together and let refridgerate overnight.  Let come to room temperature before you serve or mix in 3 t
Center flower could be made of any fabrics!  burlap gift wrap
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character lessons and books for beginning of the school year
yellow and grey bedroom decor ideas
Homemade Mouthwash For Whitening and Remineralizing | Health & Natural Living
1947 Circus Clown: Charles Cushman
Whether you want to hear it or not. They will tell you with brutal honesty. If they feel it is necessary.
Rifle Falls, Rifle Falls State Park, CO
this looks super hard, but the colors are gorgeous, (but I actually don
1.59 Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | New York Vintage & Antique Estate Jewelry – Erstwhile Jewelry Co NY
Click through to watch House Of Style: Red Carpet Hair! Ultimate hair goal length wise - so that I can do this high ponytail thing #ampupyourstyle
Gallery Wall - East Bay Blvd by Bella Casa Design
Pink rose & buds.  Poem: May every day a garland be of fairest flowers, and every night a memory of happy hours.
How To Make Your Own Energy-Saving Thermal Curtains - SHTF Preparedness    -   These are a cheap and easy way to save energy costs in your home.
Cool bathroom redo with walk in shower. very well organized for a smaller space
Providence Riding Boots
Garden Art.  So pretty and would look wonderful in an old fashioned flower garden. Secret:  apply the mosaic pieces onto an old bowling ball.  Never blows away!
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I used to just notice the design of the quilt until I started machine quilting. Now I notice the quilting too. Both are pretty in this one!
Yummie food truck food....
When using pine cones in your decor, you must bake the bugs out of the pine cones!
Homemade Bloody Mary Mix | Canning Homemade
How to Tie a Scarf 3 Chic Ways | Beauty Blitz
#highheels #jordilabanda
How to train your Stitch
Beautiful Wedding Bands
Draft mare with her pretty mule foal.
9/7/2012; Birgit at
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"Dude, stop talking crazy, and make us some tea!" Lol those guys crack me up. ♥ Friends.
Turkey Meat Tacos.  Use Romaine Lettuce Leaves Instead of Taco Shells.
Elephant fashion
Modèle de la collection 2014 de Dany Tabet, fashion designer libanais.
computer desk turned beverage cabinet - perfect in the basement. Maybe find a spot for a small microwave. Perfect for kids and their friends.
Country Themed Wedding with curious cows.  This photo was taken at Double T Ranch in Stevensen CA.
Pink Mojito!!!  2 oz. Pink Pigeon Rum  8 mint leaves  1 lime, juiced  ¼ oz. simple syrup  2 oz. cranberry juice  Club soda  Garnish: mint sprig    To make simple syrup, mix equal parts hot water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Place mint in bottom of