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Tints of Winter This is one of my favorite value study projects.  Great silhouette, crayon resist, value lesson.  Use Pablo Picasso's "Winter Trees" for Art History in connection with this project.
colorful calligraphy
8 Delicious Soup Comfort Food Recipes – Princess Pinky Girl –  #soup #comfort food
Cheap Wedding Venues – 7 Ways to Reduce Venue Costs
I'm tired of not seeing any options for black women who are going natural.   I would work this style. For sureeeeeee.
helen gedlu and terrence williams
Mums make lists …: Christmas Gifts For Dads – Online guitar lessons from My husband has been using JamPlay for the last year and has gone from novice to preparing to play for everyone at Christmas – proper cool stuff too!! Check out this vi
Windows 10 Pegged For Mid-2015 Release
Superhero Barbie Dolls – Catwoman hala kedi kadınımı saklıorum sans getirsin diye :) ama kırbacı kayıp
John Lennon & Chuck Berry playing guitars together at microphone, 1972. RESEARCH DdO:) – MOST POPULAR RE-PINS – – INSTRUMENTS FOR JOY: Broadcast February 16, 1972, a still from video (av
Segregated Water Fountains [1950]

Picture of segregated water fountains in North Carolina taken by Elliott Erwitt
How to Make a Newlywed Established Sign {} #newlywed #diysign
Solebox x Sinn U2 Diving Watch, not into phantom style usually but this is hot. Sinn always reminds me of the Porsche styling
I gonna try this balloon wall for a star wars party… but other colour combination!
Repairing an old lamp
Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze | Cooking Classy
Hidden Mickey Colorful Birthday Wreath by HairMajestyBoutique, $18.00
Someday I will sit in my wheelchair, my arms empty, dreaming of those quiet nights in the nursery. When she needed me and we were the only two people in the world.
Maple Bacon Doughnuts mix a little salty and a little sweet for a good morning treat! #bacon #brunch
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! The world ain't ready for this! Ferrari FF #ferrari #cars