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1966 Chevrolet Nova SS 283, #'s Match
;)I never got that kiss today! Guess I'll have to kiss YOU in my dreams! YOU really are the best kisser ever!! I Miss your taste..your soft lips..the way you feel in my arms!! I MISS YOU!!! All of YOU!! I wish we could snuggle & fall asleep in
A Soviet and an American soldier dance together as the official link-up is made between the US 9th Army and the Soviets at Cobblesdorf, May 1945
AMAZING CALMING LAVENDER Cloud Dough ~ simple to make — calms kids before bedtime or when they are being hyper or need a time out!
Honey Almond Shampoo Bar  Vegan  Handmade Cold Process Soap by HoneybumpSoaps
Mothers.  This is the woman who said that if we "bungle raising our children, nothing else we do well matters very much".  :)
La Sachamama is the spirit mother of the jungle. She has the body of a giant boa constrictor with a massive shell. She has grown so large that she can no longer move freely about the jungle and stays in a single spot, allowing vegetation to grow over her
Lawrence Carroll, Ohne Titel / Untitled
Lightning Bolt Tie Clip. via Etsy.
Good morning people, here is an animation that shows how i make my coffee. As you can se am i using this wonderful aeropress thing to produce my morning coffee.   This was a little personal project that I’ve made for myself just for fun.   Twitter // ww
The Knitter and The Manipulator, the fan-made DC villains :3 I SHIP IT
Casa Cúbica turns shipping container into vacation villa
The most famous piano in the White House is the Steinway grand piano with gilt American eagle supports. It was designed by Eric Gugler (with help from Franklin Roosevelt) and was given to the White House in 1938 by the manufacturer. It is decorated with g
Weight Watchers Core Mexican Rice from   								I got this recipe from one of the various Core Weight Watcher boards.  It is YUMMY!
Beautiful example of what not to do and feed the cat.  Minerva listens to a "different drummer…"
apositivelybeautifulblog:    (via MY PINK CHRISTMAS / pink fluffy feather fairy lights)    love…❤
Organ Donor, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 20” x 18”
Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding Twins
The most compact page. | Flickr | Jose Naranja
Halftone has been applied to the image – model, cityscape, lightbulb and whirl. Green, teal and black. Simple and basic application of text information. The logo doesn’t take way from the poster, it remains quite subtle but in the same breath important.