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'Design of a Prison Cell' Saif Mhaisen. Pencil on paper. 2012.
10 steps to make the perfect cropped pocket tee. #DIY
DIY Play doh!!!  2 c. water  food coloring of choice  3 T. vegetable oil  2 1/2 c. flour  1/2 c. salt {yes it’s a 1/2 CUP}  1 T. powdered alum {found in the spice section}
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Typography Mania #227 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Mini Raspberry and White Chocolate Whoopie Pies Filled with raspberry preserves and decadent white chocolate and mascarpone, these dainty sandwich cookies are irresistible.
Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag. Did this as part of one of my college classes. So fun!
10 Easy Dr. Seuss Snacks #readacrossamerica #seuss
OMG, I used to pretend to be Ginger Spice on a daily basis. I also had a panic attack when she quit the band.
Jenna #amazing #formal #portraits #places #to #get #senior #pictures #taken #pretty #smile #modern #poses #northdakotas #best #photography #studios #GF #ND #award #winning #photographers
….asolute ly love the manliness of colors and the furry blanket that expresses animalistic blend…  Tartan Bedding #williamssonoma
A list of DCP (Disney College Program) Vloggers I've enjoyed watching.
With baking season upon us, I thought it would be helpful to have a charming "cheat sheet" or conversion chart, as it's called, lying around for convenience! So
GiGi New York | Wine Lauren Saddle Bag | Pebble Grain Leather
My truck wasn't lifted and it was an extended cab instead of the crew cab.
Searched "hunger games" | Fandom Fashion
i hate to admit it, but i was extremely attracted to this character when the movie came out.
Eyvind Earle – Enchanted Coast. 1980. Earle painted backgrounds for Disney including styling for Sleeping Beauty! Aren't his works wonderful?
The Animal Print Shop Nursery Project