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I would love an accent wall, but I don't want the room to get too dark.  Also, I like the pops of color here.  That's not exactly the shade of purple I would do, but I think dark teal and purple can work together.  I still like yellow, but I like
Fused glass Christmas Tree, nugget for the base is cute
[YouTube Video, 00:05:22] Listen to the song THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC.  This was an important song to the men of the North.
Large Wire Birdcage Frame Card and Photo Holder (38×20) $ 35  Gold wire birdcage frame with metal clothespin clips and a jeweled crown on the top.  2" deep x 20" wide x 38" tall  includes 9 attached, metal clothes pin clips  top has a 8-3/4&#3
Viking SCA dress pattern
This fast-paced cardio circuit is inspired by Insanity's Pure Cardio video. Set an interval timer or a timer app for 15 rounds of 30-second intervals. Do 30 seconds of each exercise and rest after every 4 moves. Repeat 3x for a 23-minutes cardio routi
Searchsku: Haunted House Shadow Box Interior
More cowboy stuff for baby Guy
Strawberries    Power foods do more than satisfy the stomach. While the flavors and textures are enjoyable, these foods boast the added benefits of fighting cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis — and they keep you in optimum health for decades to come
"All I ever want to hear you say is, 'Yes lover. You can take care of everything.'" #mystayathomeboyfriend
1955 DeSoto custom – Google Image Result for  Our neighbor in Tigard had one of these new in 1955.
I. Frickin. Need. This. #lace #black #cute
Grab a breadstick and dig into this yummy dip that has all the flavor of Chicken Parm without all the work. 20 minutes in the oven is all it takes to serve this impressive appetizer to all your friends.
Late 1700s Mourning Ring, Miniature of Ship and Anchor, with Hair and Sepia Decoration, 9K (sold) It’s been a while since we’ve …
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Hello Darling, It's Monday
Jimmy Dean Sausage Cheese Balls –
Self promotional takeaway by Sam Frith
The Jordan Staircase at The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Starbucks – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Iced Coffee  Mug by BlacksSideshow – $15.00
Pros and Congrats Dress in Mint. Youre recognized as a professional of your craft – celebrate in this minty A-line dress, which is available for purchase in November. #multi #modcloth