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19 Genuinely Funny Ways To Tell The World You're Having A Baby
I really want some tuna, perferably solid albacore. Look into my face and Just do it!
michael keck – Bring the Heat 40" x 80" mixed media on canvas
Flame Jellyfish
Selfmade Envelopes, nice forum a gift – Zelfgemaakte enveloppe, leuk voor een cadeau zoals cadeaubon of waardebon
Jack Russell Terrier – Dog Angel Concrete Memorial ~ Will have to get one of these ♥              RIP Chelsey~ We miss you!
Crate Training Puppy Tips
Kinda looks like Frodo when we took him home…love at first sight…2001..
Unbelievably gorgeous fish that looks like an exotic, hot-house orchid! I bet no fish tries to eat him, unless they like flowers!
♥ love is patient, love is kind…look at the cat's face :)  animals are long-suffering and they enrich our lives in immeasurable ways.
Just a wiener chillin' in the pool :P
The Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, is a South American passerine about 30 cm (12 in) in length. The bright orange male has an extraordinary half-moon crest, which is used in competitive displays and to attract a female.
Sleeping with cats…Pillow Takeover in full effect over here
fairy-wren: vulturine guineafowl -ph: a.j. havercamp
Bambi – your childhood favorite
A baby long-eared bat, being raised by an animal rescue group in the UK. Its ears – not fully formed yet – will eventually sit on the top of its head, not the sides.
Kabobs  (for birds mostly)
Precious baby face Shih Tzu