Husky raised by cats
OK I can’t stand Shar Pei’s But come on……that friggin face is waaaay to cute :)
Sweet puppies appearing to be a bit confused about a friendly kiss. Bite, lick, straight on, sideways?  Well, they are just puppies after all.
happiness is a basket of warm laundry – I had a little yorkie who would bury himself in the warm laundry..he once even tried to hop in the dryer while the door was open! lol
Young husky, f: Dany Paquin
men’s fashion & style – Club Monaco Spring 2012 Lookbook
My sister says that about her over weight dog :)
Whenever I see or think of ladybugs I think of Michelle Simonovich.
sea horse x ray
Tigers! #animals #travel
Bobwhite quail chicks!
I just love boxers, even though they’re little brats
I wish polar bears didn’t have vicious tendencies. I would love to hug one.
Green Iguana (Iguana iguana), Caribbean
Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees mix
DIY pupsicles – a cool treat for your 4 legged friens (I might sub the yogurt and use really ripe bananas instead…)
Best!  Day! EVER! @Vanessa Flores I think you know where to put this…
A beautiful school of pretty colored fish
If someone ever heard the way I talk to my pet in private, they would never look at me the same again.
For home decor, a kitten on each stair step is a fashionable must. What a great idea!! The next home with stairs !!!