Blake Shelton.  Love him so much!  He’s never afraid to just be himself.  I love the honesty.  And he’s freakin hilarious!
Steve Carell (aka the best ever)
john mitchell (aka aidan turner)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau by Bjorn Iooss (Vogue Italy)
Kate Beckinsale – probably the most flawless woman I have ever laid eyes on. Wish I could look like her!
“Never dull your shine for somebody else”   -Tyra Banks
I Love Lucy. Not only was she funny but she was also a very savvy business woman.
Jack Hyde #2: James McAvoy
The Secret Garden. one of my favorite movies as a child!!!
[dashboard confessional]
Been a fan from the start but never got around to making a board for them, thought now would be good.
luke bilyk. Hello cutie!;) lol
James Mcavoy and Michael fassbender
Queen Latifah for More Magazine
A league of their own ::sigh:: Love this movie and love the style. Can’t watch it without crying!
josh hutcherson…. mmm :)
Dianna Agron – she is so adorable!
clint eastwood #makemyday
To fully explain my love for Paul Rudd, I’ll now quote Dumbledore and Snape:  “After all these years?” “Always”
Rose McGowan poses for a photo with bombshell waves | The Bombshell Hair Gallery