Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Ball Jar. Are u kidding me? I love this technique. Can't wait to try it.
Valentine card  Kraft  Valentine's Day  For by AnnsPaperie on Etsy, $4.00
peek a boo chick.     (To make the pages "crinkle" cut a cereal bag to size and place it between the pages before you sew the book together)
Solid Color Washi Tape @Paper Mart
New Listing – Vintage Coro Hanging Flowers Pin
Beautiful headstall- everything from the site is absolutely gorgeous, but waaaay out of my price range.
This is a first aid method handed down in my family for generations.  If the cut doesn't clot with the sugar, it's time for stitches.
DIY T-Shirt Rug & 20 other Up-Cycled Crafts!!! Haven’t actually checked these out yet, but it could be interesting.
These memes irritate me. Sex shaming at a child's level. I can "take my dress off" if I want to. It is my choice to have all the sex I want, or none at all. People need to stop equating sexual purity with respect. Also, I don't wanna marry
The perfect holiday wedding:
The dramatic Black Forest Calla Lily  7-13-04 Creepy! Looks like a tongue
Making a Bench From Found Logs. All you need is a couple cushions. You could even make those. Saving over $100 for all.
Watch DIY Roller Shades in the Better Homes and Gardens Video – Make a fabric roller shade easily
Milk Jug Sock Monster Sock Caddy Craft for Kids! Love this for catching things that fall out of pockets in the washer!
한복 > [한복]현대적인 감각으로 풀어낸 반가의의 한복 컬렉션 웨딩21 매거진 (Wedding21) – 결혼대백과 웨프    sigh, love the make up with the hanbok. hair looks really good w the traditional clothes…
How To Antique Glaze -ASCP -Paris Grey mixed umber acrylic paint with a bit of Paris Grey and a little water as needed. As soon as I applied it, wiped off the higher areas- with small brush more umber in crevices and finish w/clear wax
Update your room with this bright and colorful Dr Seuss inspired multipurpose classroom pack.
Kiton London all in grey.
WOW great tutorial for calculating top-down sweater