Roasted Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Jerusalem Artichokes Recipe
The cute rabbit one of Chinese God beast vintage stamps in 1987. $2.90, via Etsy.
ay 1 Dancer Arms Hoop Workout  Double Extension Twisters – 1 minute Side Curls – 1 minute Forward spin and double weave – 1 minute The Butte…
▶ The Basement's 5 Minute Workouts – Warrior Dash Training – YouTube
How To Do A Quick And Easy Messy Bun.
Love the industrial yet opulent look of the chandelier, wallpaper and especially the black floor. I have similar chairs in my dining room that are a bright plum velvet.
The 4-week Lean Muscle Diet.  Get lean in four weeks without starving yourself in your quest for a six-pack.
5 Yoga Fixes For Bad Posture. I need this soooo bad, but geez im not sure i can doooo et\
Katie Bueller: "I just picked up Jeannie at the police station! She got a speeding ticket, another speeding ticket, and I lost the Vermont deal because of her!"    Tom Bueller: "I think we should shoot her."
A post about learning to sew for beginners and those wanting to begin.  (saving for later, I've read several things like this and always pick up some good new info)
That is…unless you were snoring.  Re-pin and click here to save on Breathe Right products!
Write on with a Sharpie, then bake for 30 mins at 350
Natalie Coughlin, Elaine Breeden, Dana Vollmer and Kathleen Hersey compete in the women's 100-metre butterfly final at the U.S. Olympic swimming trials in Omaha, Neb. Vollmer won the race.
150-Calorie Cardio Fat Blast – Full Length 11-Minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout
These darling cakes are made from a pound cake mix and glazed with melted canned frosting, allowing you more time to spend on the marzipan decorations and chocolate hearts.
BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 8 – Killer Core Workout
Found it at Wayfair – Swing Arm Wall Lamp
One of my favorite gym quotes. We need this plastered above the mats and behind the punching bags at my gym.
Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin Recipe – Key Ingredient
This is so cute; but all that graywater is going to waste — and if you live in a municpal area, your sewage bills should be a HUGE concern to you, as in some parts of the country, these utility costs are the ones MOST likely to render occupancy of your h