Beauty tips & tricks

How to shave with coconut oil – this makes my legs super soft!
Simple but striking: nude nails with silver glitter tips. must try this
Spring Makeup Tutorial 2014
diy fake nails.  Pretty smart, because doing my right hand is still a little difficult.
eye shape
Makeup Hacks Every Girl NEEDS To Know! These tips and tricks are all about finding new and better uses for products you already have! Seriously, most of these hacks are life-changing-ly good. Must pin!!
DIY organic Homemade whipped coconut oil body lotion by Healthy Homemakers (with olive oil, bentonite clay, aloe Vera gel).
How much beauty product you should be using– very useful!
15 Homemade Natural Spa – like Face Masks
Recipes. How to make homemade face masks, homemade facial cleanser,
night cream & whitening creams, the best moisturizer, for a
clean face & good skin at any age! These homemade facial skin
care include recipes li
Pamela O'Connor
Twisted halo.
Simple DIY Face Scrub
Cute updo. Katie's Review: The style actually works! I didn't understand at first that you just clip the ends up- don't use a ponytail. Once I got it, I just used a little clip to pin the ends nice a good. Next Time: I won't style this way
Upside Down Braid and Bow Detail.
Easy way to get perfect french tip
My Drugstore Face Makeup Routine
From Flab to Fab!: Whiten Your Teeth in 5 Minutes with Activated Charcoal AKA BLACK MAGIC
faux hawk pin up hair do | Pin Up Girl Styles
Salon perfect manicure: The UnderCoat….OPI Nail Envy keeps peely, weak, bendy nails strong, stable, and durable!
Life Hackable: Vaseline More Beauty Hacks Here