Chicago Cubs Memorial Logo (1998) Harry Caray
I just got myself a baby crib spring for $2 (yup) and cannot wait to repurpose it!
Just what every man wants for the
Jesus walks on water Sunday school lesson. Blue jello with a teddy graham as Jesus. “Glue” teddy graham to pretzel stick with almond bark or frosting. I am so using this one.
Fishing for people worksheet. Last week I gave these to the kids and said they could do it at home and bring it back for a prize. I didn’t think any would actually do it, but one kid did! (I gave them bubbles as prize!) I taped it up right there in worshi
father’s day crafts for kids – Google Search
Kara’s Party Ideas :  Rainbow (Decoration)
Utilize Wall Space to Hang Utensils | 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home
The Craft Patch: Nazareth to Bethlehem: A Felt Advent Calendar Each day Mary and Joseph advance closer to Bethlehem and on the last day you get to put baby Jesus in the manger.
Ron Santo, Chicago Cubs – my hero! Love you Ronnie
Dying to acquire old locker baskets for organization.
Sunday School Easter Snacks — Fisher of men snacks (or make for class school snacks) Almost unschoolers
Primitives -Primitive Country Smalls
Cigar Box Organizing
distressed furniture Winter Willow Primitives
under basement stairs – I LIKE this a LOT!
Climbing Bug Craft
Ten Commandments craft: use the little tablets, but paste on a mountain as a reminder of where God gave them to Moses
Easter craft for kids class
Resurrection Egg Printables