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This just melts my heart!
For both side,  that’s right on the head. I’m Loyal, caring, great helper, and I’ll go the extra mile. People really do love me.    For annoying you, yes I’m stubborn, defensive, and I have and attitude. Mikey always wants to shake me. I always get the la
people suck sometimes.
mother and son quotes little boys | That pretty much sums up how much i love my little man H.
Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Want To Travel The World
Normally these kinds of storage containers aren’t my fave, but I love this scarf organization. (I have too many scarves, but let’s face it, I’m not getting rid of any of them!)
Sex and the City quote :) by
Lean Legs for Short Skirts Routine | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho @blogilates #fitfluential #MOVE
Mac Lipstick Mocha [satin]
dream big quotes | Inspirational Quotes on Dreaming Big | HealLoveBe
There is no surface in my home high enough that my ninja children cannot reach.
Plus the fact that I’m probably shorter than you really just makes this all funnier
Doorways, Kilbrannan Chapel near  Skipness, Argyll And Bute. Red sandstone was used for the arches. – photo courtesy Steve Partridge
Disney humor. Last one is my fav
Jewellery display – got this idea from my sister.  Great way to add color and texture to a room without being overwhelming.  Love my display!!!
Royal Velvet Jello Shots | Sweet Shooters, Red, Raspberry Jell-O, Sour Mix, Jack Daniels, Whiskey, Chambord Liqueur, Jello Shot, Summer Cocktails, Cocktail Recipe, Mixology, Liquor, Alcoholic Beverage
Audrey Hepburn ♥
Just a little reminder…
I know this is awful but I had to pin it because I honestly cannot stop laughing.