Words to live by

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”Lao Tzu
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Do you feel like your life is a series of mundane, unremarkable tasks that no one sees or appreciates? You may qualify as one of the two brave women I write about in my post, "Two Brave Women." (Double click on the image to read the post.)
Gotta love this shot by LIFE's John Dominis a tamale performer skips rope above Chicago 1955
Cajun Chicken Pasta! Added red pepper/broccoli and used shredded parmesan cheese.
The 55 Stages Of Going Through Your Final Exams This is so inspiring!!!
“Like the love I had for her had limits” everything about this is moving, inspirational, and raw
Love it!!  Mother's Love Baby Sign by LilyBug428 on etsy.
The importance is in trying.
Always trust your intuition. Now you tell me, wish I would have paid attention to this voice years ago
Oh my gosh….sweatpants, Mondays, junk food….TOTALLY ME!
Oh my…who said classic lit isn't naughty? Definitely something to pass along to my Hemingway/Fitzgerald professor!
oh….I sure hope I find it soon. It sucks being in your 40s and trying decide what you want to be when you grow up. I thought I made the best decision when I decided to be a stay at home Mom. But now am left with an empty nest and no purpose.
The style of the Swinging Twenties can easily be defined in the Art Deco artwork that was produced throughout the decade – the simplicity of geometric shapes, straight lines and sharp edges. Puppy owners will love this Art Deco inspired print with the p
Broken people – something you need to remember before trying to step in and help out.
Question Formation Pack (Learn about Question Format & Question Words). This package teaches children the question words (Eg. Who, Where, Why, etc.) and the format of asking different types of questions related to these question words (Eg. Who are
Is sweet to and good with small creatures.  I mean, come on.  The Messes of Men
昼寝するお化け2012年10月a・72 by Izutsu Hiroyuki
Great reminder~~Oh, and on a personal note, I also have to say "Take that!" to the institute teacher ten years ago who disagreed with my analogy of comparing life to a fairy tale (I shared a very similar thought in a comment during one of his inst
Rarely is it just a little truth. Too often the words mean "You hurt me…you always make me feel this way"…"I do know but either I'll hurt you or you'll hurt me"…  "Yes, I care a lot but I hurt too badly to say"…&#34